June 30, 2013

Day 97: Earth and Humans In Trouble

When I joined Desteni, some years ago about 2008, I came to know how it had been said and were saying in interviews, videos and material that the world would 'go mad' in the years to come, and as time progressed it has been exactly what has happened. There is more financial stress on families, more poverty, more social unrest.

It was said also that nature would go more and more crazy, in the sense that: There would be more natural disasters and, for instance, there would be more bugs becoming resistant to vaccines/treatment. 
This all has happened - more hurricanes, floods - new strains of bacteria that are virtually untreatable/super bugs have emerged.

Another example of the predictions that Desteni has made that have come true, is that nothing would happen in 2012. Yes - it should have been common sense that nothing would happen - yet virtually all the spiritual community was mongering the idea, with exact date and time - that something magical would happen. This only proved to be a publicity stunt where, undoubtedly, many cashed on - so we can say that some bank account's balances did ascend, after all. This would be the accounts of the gurus, masters and all that group that through seminars, books and more marketing stuff lined their pockets through mongering those ideas - along with survival fanatics' businesses that cashed in on the fears of 'preppers' - those that went from buying a survival kit to some having a nuclear refuge built in their back garden, with all the bells and whistles of luxury.

Through all of this what remains is individuals that are every day in a more compromised situation, families that can't feed their children properly or give them an education, animals continuing to lose their habitat - and life - to ruthless multinationals that make millions destroying their habitat. 

We are in for an even more accentuated disaster if we don't act fast, and act now - because time will only make it worse. Watch the news and you'll see for yourself. And we are doing this to ourselves - until we stop.

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